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Can you name the Places in Classical Mythology?

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Home of Queen Omphale
Hypsipyle cast off the king of this island
Orpheus grew up here
Home of Baucis and Philemon
Home of King Cepheus
Home of Admetus
Mountains stacked by Giants to reach Olympus
Medea's destination after leaving Athens
Home of King Glaucus
River lined with Heliades as poplars
Home of Bellerophon's wife
Home of Tiresias
Spring of Delphi
River of Fire
Ortygian spring sacred to Artemis
Home of Medea
Home of King Eurystheus (2 answers accepted)
Thespian lion's woods
Home of Geryon
A great boar hunt happened here!
'Ford of the Cow'
Home of Triptolemus
Birthplace of Artemis
Prometheus was bound here
Home of Hercules' friend Telamon

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