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He wept iron tears when Orpheus played before him, in the Underworld
Eaten by Persephone to make her return
Alternate name for the Furies
The 3 judges, in alphabetical order
Brought some of Proserpine's beauty for Venus
Hades' cap made wearers __________
False dreams pass through here
Sits on the Chair of Forgetfulness evermore
Guard of Tartarus' gate
Flowers that grow around Pluto's abode
Months Proserpine spends with Pluto a year
Admetus' wife, rescued by Hercules from the Underworld
Ferryman of the dead
The gate of Tartarus is made of this material, also used for Prometheus' chains
Colour of the water in the river Styx
Greek personification of Death
River of Lamentation
Brought Semele from the Underworld to Olympus
The only poet who clearly described the Underworld's geography
Flower created to lure Persephone

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