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Can you name the Clothing of Men and Boys in Ancient Rome?

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The toga of an ordinary citizen
Ultrafashionable dinner costume
Riding breeches adopted from the Gauls
Precious stone that the Romans did not have
Shawl worn by women outdoors
Received a $300 000 pearl from Caesar
Family that wore a toga immediately over a subligaculum during the Republic
The best native wool was produced here
Wool from here was naturally dark gray
The 2 classes of Roman clothing (alphabetical order)
The Indian word for cotton, same as the Latin word for linen
Outer garment worn by augurs
The price of 1 pound of Tyrian purple cloth ($, according to source)
Worn by triumphal generals and emperors
Issued an edict forbidding the use of the lacerna in public assemblies
Colour of a patrician's shoe
A woman's outer tunic
The meaning of 'Caligula'
Latin name for stripes on a knight's tunic
Military cape worn by generals
Cicero repeatedly ridicules this man's effeminately dressed friends
Cloak worn by philosophers, careless in dress
When professional barbers first came to Rome, according to Varro (____BC)
Latin for 'to ask for one's sandals' or 'to prepare to leave'
Made beards popular while he was emperor
An endromis was worn after ________
Material used to make sewing neeedles
Hat worn by travelling men
First Roman to shave everyday, according to Pliny the Elder
Used by women to keep cool (many answers accepted)
Used to whiten a toga candida
Alternate function of a citizen's ring
# of tunics worn by a young girl inside
Those wearing a toga pulla were called _________
Conical felt cap worn by freed slaves

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