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Roman gladiatorial combats were introduced from _______
Emperor who built a wooden amphitheatre in the Campus
Name for heavy-armed warriors when they fought with net-men
...and when they fought with light-armed Thracians
Greeting of the gladiators to the presiding official before the preliminary fights
Volunteered as fighters
The greatest # of gladiator pairs that could be employed by a private citizen in 65 BC
Naval battles fought in flooded arenas
Gladiator school where Spartacus escaped from
Exhibited 10 000 fighters to celebrate his Dacian campaigns
First Roman to have gladiatorial combats at his funeral games (name, date)
Alternate name for the Colosseum
A novice gladiator
A two-sword man
The Colosseum covers almost ___ acres
Built a wooden amphitheatre in 46 BC
Restored French amphitheatres now used for bullfights (alphabetical order)
238 AD emperor who gave monthly munera during his aedileship
25 pairs of gladiators fought at his 200 BC funeral games (full name!)
# of pairs of gladiators fighting at M. Aemilius Lepidus' funeral games
Where combats took place during the Republic
First Italian people to create a permanent venue for the munera
Forbade combats where all must fight to the death
People's signal for death after a fighter's plea for mercy
Game advertisements were painted on public buildings, private houses, and ________
Training masters of gladiator schools

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