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Can you name the the answers to the musical Book of Mormon

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Forced Order
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What is the most important time of a Mormon kids life?
What does Elder Cunningham think Uganda is like?
What is Elder Cunningham's special problem?
What does Elder Cunningham call Nabulungi?
Who is the Elder who had a friend called Steve?
When Elder Price is having his Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, where does he think he is?
What does the General try to cut off?
What does Satan play in Spooky Mormon Hell Dream?
Who was a bad guy in Elder Price's dream along with Hitler, Johnny Cochran, and Jeffrey Dahmer?
Who is the first person to get baptized in Uganda?
What did Jews build to get to America?
What does the General put up Elder Price's butt?
What planet does God live on?
Who do the Ugandans compare Joseph Smith to?
What is Joseph Smith supposed to use to cure his AIDS instead of a baby?

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