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It was such a loosey-goosey era. I'm guilty for a lot...I'm guilty for being negligent, naïve...And to be quite honest, I don't know exactly what substance I was guilty of using.*Yankees Player
He's mowing his grass. He's working on his farm. He enjoys that stuff. … He can't hear that phone on his tractor, anyway.Brett Favre's Agent
We own you.Broncos Coach
A very lovely woman. Those lips are something.Former UCLA Coach
It's not good when you light up two Marlboros at the same time at 3 a.m., washing it down with a glass of chocolate milk. You know you have a lot on your mind when you do that.Tigers Manager
Boise sounds good. I want to go to all 50 states, and I can't see myself going to Idaho for any other reason.Missouri Basketball Player
One of our players 'broke wind' and only the referee heard it and he booked the player.English Soccer Manager
It's almost like kicking a dead horse in the ground.Bills Player
This is one of the games where you can say it's a feel-good loss.Knicks Player
Because our fans are not stupid like Cubs fans. They know we're [expletive] … Wrigley Field is just a bar.White Sox Manager
I told coach early on that I was having trouble in Spanish.Roane State Basketball Player
I don't know if we should call it the Fiesta Bowl or the Kids Table Bowl, because I think these two upstarts were put at the kids table to play their own game.Democratic Representative from Utah
They could tell him to attend alcohol rehab on the moon, and he'd agree to it.Matt Bush's Attorney
I would really ask that you guys don't write this? If Tiger is NOT implicated, and won't be, let's please give the kid a break.Tiger Woods's Agent
Look, there's no doubt small amounts of our tickets might be overpriced.Yankees Co-Owner
Something vegetarian, like grilled cheese or chicken fingers.Rapper/Actress
I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that's strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men.Cavaliers Player
I am an angel … because I am here to save the world with my army.Reality TV Personality
Even if Tiger is rich, he's also ugly as sin and absolutely not my type.Swedish TV Personality
I think it has some sort of stone.Sportscaster's Former Wife
I've got guys from Chicago, Detroit … I'm talking about the 'hood! And I've got guys from Grainger County, where they wear the hood.Tennessee Coach
It hasn't been guys on purpose trying to do bad stuff.Florida Player
I swear if I had not been on 'Cheers,' I'd have died right there on that beach in Croatia.Actor
I don't want these young guys to try to follow me. I can't be a role model to guys who make the same amount of money as me.Bobcats Player
I could have turned everything into a crime scene, like know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife...I totally understand O.J. I get it.*Former Professional Wrestler
We are excited to add a player of Stephen's caliber to our franchise.Bobcats General Manager
Before you say anything, just know I am the most powerful man in this building.South Florida Coach
He could coach in the NBA right now.Cavaliers Player
It wasn't blowing my blouse up.Eagles Coach
We don't have freedom of speech as coaches. … Maybe [President] Obama will change that rule, where we can talk.Former USC Coach
I can visualize a Clippers parade. I'm telling you, I will win. I promise you that. I will find the combination.Clippers Owner
This is a tease, man. It's like when you have a girlfriend and you are kissing her all over the place and you get to the Mambo, and she say no. That's where we are right now.White Sox Manager
It was 2...hours of satisfaction and then 2...hours of horse [expletive]...Go and ask them...What the [expletive] am I going to say? [Are] they horse [expletive]? Yes they are.*White Sox Manager
I actually feel sorry for people who have nothing to do on Christmas Day other than watch an NBA game.Magic Coach
Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much.Butler County (Ohio) Judge
Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everyone does -- kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me.Ohio State Player
I just have to create my own following up here in North America.Bills Player
I don't think anyone on this team knows what 'schism' is...I thought it was an STD when I first heard it, and I thought 'Whoa, we preach abstinence in these parts.'*Vikings Player
Why did I sign with the Nationals? When you go to a club at four...a 600-pounder looks like J. Lo...It's four in the morning. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez.*Nationals Player
After we warm up...I gotta take a dump. It's a huge benefit to release that gas...The facilities are beautiful...If I get a good one, I know I'm gonna score two touchdowns.*Jets Player
I'm Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth millions!Lions Player
I hit a guy...and they're trying to fine me...It's not my fault if the guy curls up like a little girl...Football now is turning into a soft, pansy sport...This is not tennis!*Former Patriots Player
I'm going to set up a foundation for the world. I'm going to take the money and start building cities all over the world. I'm a comet.Former Knicks Player
I would probably need to apologize to her and hope she uses a driver next time instead of the 3-iron.Golfer
I hope he does get back. The first thing I would do if I get back...I would go looking for Jesper Parnevik and I would beat his a--...There is a line that you don't cross over.*Pro Footbal Hall of Famer
Jedis are very our stores although we would ask them to remove their hoods...If Jedis walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers.*Spokesman for Tesco
I don't really have a Twitter policy. I don't know what it means; I don't know what it is. I don't know MyFace, Spacebook, Facebook stuff. I don't know what that is either.Broncos Coach
The rumor that I keep a flask at my desk is not true.PGA Commissioner
You think we've never arrested somebody that's made national media? … We deal with the Bengals all the time.Cincinnati Police Officer
I'm [expletive] going to take this [expletive] ball and shove it down your [expletive] throat, you hear that?Tennis Player

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