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What is the name of the main human protagonist?
What city is District 9 set in?
What name are the aliens referred as?
What company is placed in charge of policing and relocating the aliens?
Who is the director of MNU?
How many aliens live in district 9?
What is the name of the new camp the aliens are moving to?
What is the name of the main alien protagonist?
What is the name of the paralyzed warlord in charge of the Nigerian gang?
Who leads the private military corporation in charge of enforcing the relocation?
What is the name of the main human protagonists wife?
The main human protagonist also refers to himself as the?
District 9 is inspired by events which took place during?
What was District 9's budget?
Which short film was District 9 adapted from?
Who was the director of District 9?
Name one of the producers of District 9?

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