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Can you name the TV Couples 1960-1969 - Part Three?

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Forced Order
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Half of the CoupleOther HalfTV Show
Bill Greer
George Baxter
Wes Macauley
Victoria Barkley
Glenn Evans
Honey West
Gomez Addams
Ichabod Adams
Andy Taylor
John Mannering
Mike Brannagan
Jason Bolt
McKinley Thompson
Liz Thorpe
Frederick Thomas Kelly
Samantha Stephens
Half of the CoupleOther HalfTV Show
Jed Clampett
Kelly Robinson
John Steed
Mike Brady
Alexander Mundy
David Craig
Alice MacRoberts
Pete Malloy
Buddy Flower
Peter Christopher
Harry Dickens
Captain/Major Anthony Nelson
Steve McGarrett
Big John Cannon
Detective Sgt. Ed Brown

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