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'Hello Moose' 
'2013. Guess the Mayans were wrong' 
'I'm a little rusy on my boy bands' 
'I missed television' 
'Cas, Stop smelling the dead guy' 
'I don't hunt anymore' 
'Actually I have two: Xbox and PS3' 
'Your half-caf, double-vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis.' 
:'This isn’t funny, Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!  
'Brains trumps legs, apparently.'  
Bob's Burgers
'My eyes don't work, paint me a word picture. 
'I'm working on my mating list for when we have to repopulate the world.' 
'When I die I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Selleck's face.' 
'What's that Nagatha Christie?' 
'Your room looks like it was decorated by a perverted jockey.' 
'I've been informed I don't have one' 
'You machine!'  
'You're not afraid of war Mr. Watson, you miss it' 
'Not my division!' 
'I'll burn the heart out of you' 

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