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Can you name the Street Fighter X Tekken Characters

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One of the main characters
From the US. Blonde hair
Best kicker
Works in the military
Looking for answers. Has amnesia
Russian wrestler
Chubby chatterbox
Has a scar and a eye patch
Specializes in yoga
Has pink hair and a whip
The tallest/strongest character in the game
Uses grenades during his/her Super Combo
A speedy ninja without shoes
Small blonde-haired girl
Leader of Shadaloo
The girl with the creepy eyes
Has red boxing gloves. Works for Bison
Wears a mask. Calls others ugly
Uses Bushinryu
Is easily bored. A prisoner
British boxer and a gentleman
Dark, short haired girl who fights with only kicks
A happy girl trying to find Ryu
Beast with orange hair, Uses FIRE
Uses a gun, Tries to become stronger
Is very pale. Uses Devil Eye
Used to try to kill Kazuya Mishima. Was Jin's bodyguard
Strongest of the Mishima family
Stalker of Jin Kazama
Oldest Mishima. King of Iron Fist
A playful bear. Vicious
Holds a green blade. A tricky one
A skillful ninja that wears sunglasses
A girl who rivals Lili
A girl who rivals Asuka
A flashy boxer with a accent
A cocky fighter with attitude
A chubby fighter with a harmless body
A calm girl who needs Bob's help
A police officer searching for Eddy
A dancer searching for Eddy as well
A former police officer who likes to hurt people
A strong robot that scans everything
Kazuya' half brother
A robot that looks like a human
A monster who is said to have killed Jun
Namco's mascot. Runs from ghosts
A fighter who loves money and being strong
Gets mistaken for Fei Long (SSFAE)
From the InFamous series.
Small, white cat
Small, black cat
Huge bald wrestler
Wears a leapord mask. Also a wrestler

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