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Forced Order
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how many members are there in twice?
what audition program did twice go through?
what company is twice under?
what channel did 'twice's elegant private life' go on?
what song did twice debut with?
who is the leader of twice?
who is twice's main dancer?
who is twice's main rapper?
who is twice's main vocalist?
who are the foreign members in twice? (answer from youngest to oldest)
who are the japanese members in twice?
who is taiwanese in twice?
how many korean members are there in twice?
who was in got7's 'A' music video?
what are twice's official colours?
which members are afraid of rides?
which member loves jokbal?
which member trained for ten years?
which member was born in the u.s?
what is mina's english name?
is tzuyu the maknae or the fake maknae?
is nayeon the maknae or fake maknae?
who is the oldest member?
what is jihyo's nickname?
what is jihyo's birth name?
which member sprained her ankle while filming 'The Law of The Jungle'?
what was the famous line sana sang in 'Cheer Up'?
where did mina move to when she was a baby?
what was their first album called?
what was their second album called?
what was their third album called?
what was their fourth album called?
what was their fifth album called?
who is twice's tallest member?
who is twice's shortest member?
who is the 'cutie sexy' of twice?
what year did twice debut?
which member became viral for their pre-debut dance?
what was that dance called?
which member is friends with two members of BLACKPINK?
who is that member friends with?
what animal does mina resemble?
which member was eliminated in sixteen but was later back into twice's line-up?
which member was added to twice's line-up due to the most popularity in sixteen?
whose nickname is 'dubu' meaning tofu?
which member learnt ballet for 11 years?
who's sister is famous in twice?
in 'twice's elegant private life' who's blood type were the members anticipating to find out?
which member likes to listen to american pop?
which member has a gummy smile?
what is twice's light stick?
in the 'ooh ahh' mv who was a cheerleader?
in the 'cheer up' mv who wore a hanbok?
in the 'tt' mv who was pinocchio?
in the 'knock knock' mv who knocked on the door?
in the 'signal' mv who had hypnosis powers?
who so far has got melody projects?
which song song gave twice their first win in M COUNTDOWN?
which two members have been on 'hit the stage'?
what is jeongyeon and sana's official ship name revealed in TWICE TV5?
what does the name represent
which member loves children?
which members appeared on 'the return of the superman'
which members appeared on 'trick or true'?
which famous korean man has a crush on momo?
which member went on the variety show 'elementry teacher'?
which member went on the variety show 'happy together' in a foreigner special?
which member is a big fan of taeyeon from girls' generation
twice debuted abroad, where did they debut?
what was their debut abroad called?

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