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Forced Order
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A sentence that is false under all interpretations
A set of L1-sentences such that there is a L1-structure for which all sentences are true
An assignment of a truth value to every sentence letter of L1
A binary relation for which each element in the domain has only one pair
The number of designators associated with a predicate
The occurrence of the smallest subsentence of a sentence that contains the connective
An expression that expresses membership of objects to a set
A set containing nothing but ordered pairs
The study of language in use
Sentences that are true under exactly the same interpretations
A connective for which the truth-value of the compound sentence that it forms cannot be changed by replacing a subsentence with another subsentence of the same truth-value
An argument in English whose formalisation in L1 is valid
An L1-structure for which the premisses of an argument are true but the conclusion is false
An ordered pair containing 'D, I', where D is a non-empty set and I is a function of the set of all constants, sentence letters and predicate letters
A collection of objects
The study of expressions of a language bare of their meanings
The study of the meanings of the expressions of a language
A set of sentences such that there is at least one interpretation under which all sentences of the set are true
A sentence that is true under any interpretation
An argument where the set containing the negation of the conclusion and the premises is consistent
An argument in which there is no interpretation under which the premisses are all true and the conclusion is false

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