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Can you name the words ending in '-TRA' that correspond to the following definitions?

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Proper Nouns
Indonesian island, the 6th largest in the world 
Italian-american family of famous crooners 
Mountain range separating Slovakia from Poland 
South East Finland town, former site of a Motorcycling GP 
60s and 70s French racing cars company 
Ptolemaic Queen, Famous last Pharaoh of Egypt 
Family car by Opel (Vauxhall in the UK) 
Marvel ninja assassin or The Doors' record company 
Ancient Jordan city cut in the rock 
Suburb of Lisbon famous for its Royal palaces 
Slovak NHL star, died in the 2011 Yaroslavl air disaster 
Yemen islands just outside the horn of Africa 
Dictionary Terms
Member of an extremist group or political wing 
Repeated word or phrase expressing basic beliefs 
More than is usual or necessary 
Later Oriental scripture dealing with meditative rituals 
Basic precept of Oriental religions 
Member of a 1980s Nicaragua guerrilla group 
Group of musicians led by a conductor 
Asian plant of the Lily family 
Small anatomical opening (as in a bone) 
Ancient Greek or Roman sports school 
Small and brightly colored South American characin fish 
Geometrical diagram used as an icon in meditation 

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