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Found under waterRestores life. Use by pressing O while menu is open
For doorsWhen equipped, opens all level (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) security doors
Sniper Wolf's drugsAnti-anxiety drug. Temporarly stops involuntary trembling
Found in the tank hangarThermal imaging system for night-vision use
Beware of dogs!Sniper Wolf's handkerchief. Smells faintly of her
Photos!Take photos wherever you like!
Emergency Override ...Emergency input or override device
Psycho Mantis wears a ...Reduces speed of O2 gauge decrease in poison gas environment
For the caveImage intensifier. Allows sight in extreme low light
Otacon's protectionRenders wearer invisible through light reflection system
Meryl wears itWords Limitless sewn on it
Ocelot, you'll pay for that!?
Metal Gear dataOptical Disc with Metal Gear exercise data
Works with radarWhen equipped, buried mines show up on radar screen
HidingTo Heliport written on it
HidingTo Nuclear Warhead Storage Building written on it
HidingTo Snowfield written on it
How are those going to help you?Solid Snake's favorite brand. Smoking is hazardous to your health
Snake checks the entrance with his ...Magnifying scope. Press O to zoom in, X to zoom out
After prisionNone :(

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