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(A) Member of the Trio
(B) Local Club/Hangout
(C) Spike's (benign) demon friend
(D) Villain at the end of Season 6 (a close friend of Buffy's)
(E) Giles's old (now evil) pal
(F) Last name of the first Principle at Sunnydale High
(G) Buffy's Opening Song in Once More With Feeling
(H) Another Vengeance demon
(I) Xander and Anya's song
(J) Buffy's chosen name in Tabula Rasa
(K) What Dawn truly is; What Glory was looking for
(L) Episode in which Billy Fordham appears
(M) Big Bad Season1
(N) Type of Demon from which the Trio obtains the Orbs of Nezzla'khan
(O) Oz's last name
(P) Buffy and Angel dance together in this episode/event
(Q) Part of Watcher council that insists Buffy undergo a cruel rite of passage
(R) 'Drug dealer' Warlock (Willow tastes like strawberries)
(S) Type of cheeses anya keeps (I'll Never Tell)
(T) Where Oz goes to learn more about the werewolf within
(U) Dawn's possible name in Tabula Rasa
(V) Werewolf girl that Oz cheats on Willow with
(W) Professor who attempts to kill Buffy
(X) Buffy's _________ shaped friend
(Y) (Last letter of) Buffy's human boyfriend's name
(Z) Cordelia tells Xander he is the _______

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