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Before 'Led Zeppelin' the name of the band was___.
The Idea for the name came from the drummer of which band?
What brand of drums did Bonham use?
John Bonham's nick name was
Zeppelin's Manager was___.
Zeppelin's Tour Manager was___.
how many studio albums did Zeppelin put out?
Stairway to Heaven appears on which album?
Question Answer
Whole lotta love appears on which album?
What was the nickname for Zeppelin's private jet?
'the song remains the same' live album/Movie was recorded at which famous concert venue?
what year was the album 'physical Graffiti' released?
the symbol for jimmy page looks like it spells the word___.
John Bonham died in the year
What ishe name of John bonham's son who filled in for his dad at the reunion show?

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