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What is Hoshi's real name?
What is Hoshi's nickname?
What is Hoshi's birthday? (MM DD YYYY)
What sport did Hoshi participate in when he was younger?
What does Hoshi's stage name mean in Japanese?
(True or False) Hoshi has previously worn braces
When he was younger, Hoshi received an Shinee album from someone that made him an Shinee fanboy. Who gave him the album?
Which fruit does Hoshi prefer? Apples or Bananas?
During trainee days, Seventeen had an Christmas play. After Vernon introduced himself by his full name, Hoshi followed shortly after with his 'English' alias. What was his name?
Hoshi's hobby is to take bizarre pictures of his fellow members. Who does he take the most bizarre pictures from?
(Yes or No) Hoshi wished to debut solo at one point
Hoshi is envious of S. Coups _______
In Seventeen, Hoshi is part of an gag trio. What is the name of the gag trio?
Other than the Performance team, which team does Hoshi also want to join?
(True or False) Hoshi is not a sweaty person
In OFD, it was revealed that Hoshi had a pet chicken. What was his pet chicken's name?
Which Seventeen choreography was created when Hoshi pulled a tissue out of a tissue box?
In which Nu'est MV was Hoshi a part of?
(Yes or No) Hoshi can tolerate spicy food
What is Hoshi's blood type? Use this format: blood type(insert blood type w/o space)

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