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What is Vernon's full name? (First to last name)
Where is Vernon's birthplace?
What is Vernon's birthday? (MM DD YYYY)
What is the name of Vernon's sibling?
How many times has Vernon dyed his hair so far? (Write answer in word from)
(True or False) Vernon thinks that he is pretty good looking
Name the song: '________' Vernon ft. Eunwoo of Pristin
Name the song: '_____' Vernon ft. Don Mills
This was an iconic line that Vernon said in SMTM4
(True or False) Vernon feels more American than he does Korean
What are Vernon's parents occupations?
Before debuting, which sub unit was Vernon supposed to be in?
What is the type/name of Vernon's pet? (pet type/name)
Which person does Vernon hold an resemblance to?
In what music video was Vernon wearing a pink polo shirt?
While Seventeen was in Manila, Vernon grabbed __________'s butt
In an Andromeda episode with Mingyu and Dokyeom, Vernon sang an Seventeen song that caused his members to laugh. Which song was it?
(Yes or No) Vernon is a stronger drinker than Seungkwan
During 17 Project, Vernon and the Hip Hop team performed an song in which Vernon sang in. Which song was it?
Name a variety show that Vernon was on. (Hint: Hello _________)

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