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How plays Phoebe Halliwell?
When was Phoebe born?
Who was Phoebe's first husband?
What was he?
Who are her older sisters?
Who is her younger sister?
What is her mother's name?
What is her father's name?
Who is her third husband?
What is he?
How children do they have?
Who is her boyfriend from New York?
What is the name of the former demon and magical school teacher that Phoebe dates?
What is Phoebe's favorite movie?
Who is the main character from the movie that Phoebe kisses?
Who is Phoebe's whitelighter/brother-in-law?
Who is Phoebe's oldest nephew?
What is Phoebe's original power?
What power does Phoebe get in Season 3?
What power does Phoebe get in Season 6?
What does Phoebe discover about Leo?
What does Phoebe discover about Chris?
What is the name of Phoebe's boss?
What is the name of Phoebe's boyfriend who moves to Hong Kong?
What is the name of the other columnist who Phoebe has a brief thing with?
What fake identity does Phoebe create in Season 8?
Who is her fake identity's boyfriend?
What does Phoebe originally think her worst fear is?(Barbas)
What is it really?(Barbas)
What does Phoebe later fear when Barbas returns in later seasons?
What does Phoebe have a degree in?
Where was Phoebe born? (Place)
Why does Phoebe have evil urges?
What was the name of the 'perfect boyfriend' Phoebe conjured?
What is Phoebe's astrological sign?
What color was Phoebe's hair in Season 3?
Who is her second husband?
What is he?
What is Phoebe's favorite book?
What is Phoebe's favorite song?
What is Phoebe's favorite piece of art?

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