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SynopsysEpisode Titleseason
Maggie wants her sweet sixteen at Aunt Freida's nightclub, but Sylvia refuses to go if she does
Mr. Sheffield takes Fran out, and she embarrasses him in front of Elton John
Fran holds a party while Mr. Sheffield is away, and gets into legal trouble
Brighton gets caught smoking, and hides it from Mr. Sheffield
Fran meets a man at the supermarket who becomes friend with Maxwell, who thinks he is a stockbrocker
Brock Storm will work for Mr. Sheffield if he can date Fran
Fran and Val get kidnapped while trying to rescue the dognapped Chester
Maggie starts dating a 25 year old, and Fran dates his friend
Fran takes Erik Estrada to her camp reunion
Fran unknowingly kidnaps a baby on the subway
SynopsysEpisode Titleseason
Maggie gets a job at a hospital, and Fran covers for her-encountering Mr. Sheffield
Fran dates Maggie's teacher, but he dumps her for an older woman
Mr. Sheffield's sister is getting married, but Fran believes she is in love with someone else
Val and Fran's 'adopted' Cambodian girl visits and makes Val and Fran fight
Fran's old friend sets her up with a rich older man
Danny proposes to Fran, and she doesn't know what to do
Freida gets kicked out of her appartment, stays with the Sheffields, and thinks Fran is having an affair with her boyfreind
Fran tries to get Maxwell's parents-in law to allow Fran to adopt the children
Fran gets on the 'fashion don'ts' of a magazine because of Mr. Sheffield's rushing her, and as an apology Mr. Sheffield lets her designs the costumes for his next show
Fran considers going to a sperm bank to get pregnant

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