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Rory Flanagan & Sugar Motta
Will Schuester & Finn Hudson
Noah Puckerman & Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel & Brittany S. Pierce
Sam Evans & Rachel Berry
Tina Cohen-Chang & Artie Abrams
Noah Puckerman & Rachel Berry
Artie Abrams & Rachel Berry
Kitty Wilde & Artie Abrams
Mercedes Jones & Rachel Berry
Matt Rutherford & Santana Lopez
Quinn Fabray & Artie Abrams
Finn Hudson & Tina Cohen-Chang
Artie Abrams & Mercedes Jones
Brittany S. Pierce & Santana Lopez
Quinn Fabray & Noah Puckerman
Rory Flanagan & Sam Evans
Quinn Fabray & Sam Evans
Brittany S. Pierce & Rory Flanagan
Kurt Hummel & Mercedes Jones
Finn Hudson & Santana Lopez
Noah Puckerman & Lauren Zizes
Holly Holliday & Will Schuester
Kurt Hummel & Sebastian Smythe
Sebastian Smythe & Blaine Anderson
Shane Tinsley & Mercedes Jones
Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones
Kurt Hummel & Sam Evans
Kurt Hummel & Rachel Berry
Brittany S. Pierce & Tina Cohen-Chang
Santana Lopez & Mercedes Jones
Finn Hudson & Quinn Fabray
Sam Evans & Tina Cohen-Chang
Finn Hudson & Kurt Hummel
Brittany S. Pierce & Sam Evans
Quinn Fabray & Mercedes Jones
Kurt Hummel & Tina Cohen-Chang
Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson
Santana Lopez & Rachel Berry
Santana Lopez & Dave Karofsky
Sebastian Smythe & Santana Lopez
Kurt Hummel & Dave Karofsky
Tina Cohen-Chang & Mike Chang
Jesse St. James & Rachel Berry
Tina Cohen-Chang & Rachel Berry
Noah Puckerman & Mercedes Jones
Will Schuester & Sue Sylvester
Brittany S. Pierce & Artie Abrams
Sam Evans & Santana Lopez
Will Schuester & Terri Schuester
Brittany S. Pierce & Rachel Berry
Blaine Anderson & Mike Chang
Kurt Hummel & Santana Lopez
Artie Abrams & Becky Jackson
Noah Puckerman & Artie Abrams
Finn Hudson & Rachel Berry
Carl Howell & Emma Pillsbury
Blaine Anderson & Sam Evans
Blaine Anderson & Santana Lopez
Will Schuester & Rachel Berry
Finn Hudson & Mercedes Jones
Mike Chang & Mercedes Jones
Mike Chang & Matt Rutherford
Will Schuester & Emma Pillsbury
Brittany S. Pierce & Mike Chang
Noah Puckerman & Santana Lopez
Jacob Ben-Israel & Rachel Berry
Blaine Anderson & Rachel Berry

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