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Jack wears the key to a briefcase around his neck
Claire misses peanut butter most of all things
Charlie calls Claire's baby turnip head until she gives him a name
the first character (that has a speaking role) that Jack helps is the Marshall
Heroine was found in the Mary statues
Kate helps Sun with her garden
The boat that Rousseau came in on was called the black pearl
Caire has an asthma attack
The plane that Boone got injured in came from Ghana
Charlie builds the golf course
Boone dies after they open the hatch
Claire names the baby Alex
Arzt dies from the monster
It was Hugo's fault the caves caved in on Jack
Rose believes her husband is dead in the beginning of the season
Jack and Locke carry the dynamite back to the hatch
Charlie is addicted to cocaine
Locke warns everyone the others are coming
Rousseau kidnapped Claire's baby
Jin and Sun make up before the raft leaves
Locke burns the original raft
Sayid helps Jack stitch up his wounds after the plane crash
The four people on the raft are Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sun
Sayid fixes Rousseau's walkie talkie
Shannon doesn't find out about Boone's accident till after he's dead
The dead cave bodies are nicknamed Adam & Eve
Jin attacks Michael in the first few days because he was talking to Sun
Walt gives Vincent to Locke
Boone went into the plane Locke found because Locke was too old
Arzt first name is Leslie
Sawyer stabs Sayid in the arm
Sun posions Michael through his water
The Survivors burried all the dead bodies from the wreckage
Jin is the one who can speak english
Suns first english words to Jin were 'I was going to leave you'
Kate kisses Sawyer before she ever kisses Jack
Walt is chased and attacked by a polar bear
Sawyer shoots the U.S. Marshall who caught Kate
Michael is the one to bring Vincent back to Walt the first time he goes missing
The black smoke means someone has been captured
Claire thinks she is having a girl
The first time we see the numbers are on Rousseau's map
Sawyer steals Jack's key to the guns
Shannon and Boone are step siblings (not biological)
Jack delivers Claire's baby
Arzt went with the group to gather dynamite
Michael assumes it is Jin who burns the original raft
It was Locke's idea to build the raft
The hatch is discovered while they are looking for food
Locke and Boone discover the hatch

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