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Who are the 3 people who bring Harry to the Dursleys home
What street do the Dursleys live on
In movie 6 (the half blood prince) what spell does Hermione use to help Ron at Quidditch tryouts
What is the middle name of Tom Riddle
Who is the elf Harry meets in the order of the phoenix
Kreacher is the house elf to which family
where does the Whomping willow lead to
what was left to Ron from Dumbledore in The Deathly Hallows part 1
who killed Albus Dumbledore
how is harry saved from the Dursleys in the chamber of secrets
what does Dobby use to save hermione in the deathly hallows part 1
what is given to Dobby that sets him free from the malfoys
who saves mr Weasley in the order of the phoenix
what spell does harry use to nearly kill Draco Malfoy
what spell does hermione use two times in the Deathly Hallows Part 1, once to erase the memories of her parents
who kills Dobby
Who tells Voldemort where the elder wand is
The brother of Albus Dumbledore
This room was discovered by Neville in the order of the phoenix
this group of students was to fight against voldemort
this person was given the original invisibility cloak
message on the snitch given to Harry
Harry's reward on his first day of Potions class in the Half Blood Prince
Luna wears this hat at Rons first Quidditch match
this person found the 3rd horcrux
which vault at gringotts holds the philosophers stone
What is Harry Potters middle name
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Tags:Harry Potter Quiz, 1-7

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