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every person in a given area has enough nutritious food to have an active and healthy life
deficiencies of protein and other key nutrients
a form of industrialized agriculture used primarily in tropical less-developed countries
intro of sientifically bred or selected varities of grain that can greatly increase crop yields
suffered by people who can't grow/buy enough food to meet basic needs
uses heavy equipment and large amounts of financial capital, fossil fuels, water, commercial inorganic fertilizers, and pesticides to produce single crops
supplying water to crops by artificial means
people live with malnutrition that threatens their ability to lead healthy and productive lives
supplements energy from the sun with the labor of humans and draft animals to produce enough crops for a farm family's survival with enough left to sell
food energy intake exceeds energy use and causes excess body fat
a conentration of particular aquatic species suitable for commercial harvesting in a given ocean area or inland body of water
a severe shortage of food in an area that causes mass starvation, many deaths, economic chaos, and social disruption
movement of soil components, especially surface litter and topsoil, from one place to another by wind and water
growing plants by exposing their roots to a nutrient-rich water solution instead of soil
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burning and clearing small plots in tropical forents, growing a variety of crops for a few years until the soil is depleted then moving on and repeating the cycle
the productive potential of topsoil falls 10% or more because of a combination of prolonged drought and human activities
accumulation of salts in soil that can lead to the soil being unable to support plant life
when water accumulates underground and gradually raises the water table
any species that interferes with human welfare by competing with us for food, invade lawns, and spread disease
farmers increase their inputs of human and draft-animal labor, animal manure for fertilizer, and water to obtain higher crop yields
chemicals used to kill populations of organisms that we consider undesirable
farmers evaluate a crop and its pest then develops a careful solution using tools and techniques
using a variety of methods to reduce topsoil erosion and return fertility
organic material such as manure and compost used as plant nutrients
this type of fertilizer made of commercially prepared inorganic plant nutrients like nitrates
dung and urine of farm animals
growing green vegatation then plowing it into topsoil to increase the organic matter for the next crop
when microorganisms in topsoil break down organic material in the presence of oxygen

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