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Can you name the senator who preceeded the following senators in the Senate?

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Harry Byrd, Jr.
John Danforth
Howell Heflin
William Proxmire
Sheila Frahm
John J. Hickey
George Mitchell
Christopher Dodd
Robert Packwood
Joni Ernst
Maurice Murphy
Carte Goodwin
Harry Reid
John Thomas
Pat Leahy
Claiborne Pell
Al Gore Jr.
Mark Begich
Lindsay Graham
Dale Bumpers
Ralph Smith
Trent Lott
Barry Goldwater*
William Blakeley
George Voinovich
Blair Moody
John Thune
David Gambrell
Dan Evans
Benjamin Smith
Robert Morgan
Charles Goodell
Timothy Wirth
Walter Mondale
Ben Cardin
Ross Bass
Edwin Mechem
George Smathers
Thomas Carper
Rose McConnell Long
James Abnor
John Heinz
J Howard Edmondson
Kenneth Wherrey
Garrett Withers
Dan Coats*
Bill Bradley
Brian Schatz
John Melcher
Quentin Burdick
Thomas Kuchel
Elbert Thomas

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