Multistate political families

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Can you name the Multistate political families given their states?

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Massachusetts, ConnecticutGrandfather/Grandsons
New York, CaliforniaCousins/Son
Massachusetts, New York, Rhode IslandBrothers/ Nephew
Kansas, North CarolinaHusband/Wife
Iowa, PennsylvaniaHusband/Wife
Texas, KentuckyFather/Son
Connecticut, Florida, TexasGrandfather/Son/Grandsons
Arizona, CaliforniaFather/Son
Indiana, KansasHusband/Wife
Kentucky, MarylandBrothers
New York, Arkansas, West VirginiaBrothers/Nephew
Ohio, IndianaGrandfather/Grandson
South Dakota, TexasHusband/Wife
New York, Rhode IslandFather/Son
Illinois, IndianaBrothers
Florida, CaliforniaHusband/Wife
Georgia, AlabamaBrothers
Arizona, Colorado, New MexicoBrothers/Cousins
Michigan, MassachusettsFather/Son
Arkansas, New YorkHusband /Wife

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