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Forced Order
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Panthers lost Super Bowl to this team
Alma Mater of Peyton Manning
Only player whose number is retired by Panthers
Year Panthers went to the super bowl
Non quarterback whose number is retired by Broncos
Panthers owner won a NFL title playing for what team
The Broncos were a charter member of what league?
Panthers first coach
Other expansion team same year as Panthers
Quarterback who took Panthers to first Super Bowl
Broncos have the record for what in Super Bowls with 5
In 1996 the Panthers made it how far in the playoffs
Alma Mater of Cam Newton
Name one of 3 other teams that have been in as many Super Bowls as Broncos s
Coach who took Panthers to first Super Bowl
Year Broncos came into existence
Broncos lost in Super Bowl to what team in 1977
How many times Broncos have been to super bowl(including 2016)
First playoff season for Broncos
Year Panthers came into existence
First year Panthers made playoffs
Owner of Panthers
Quarterback for 77 Broncos
Broncos first quarterback
Former Bronco great who is now team President
Nickname of 1977 Bronco defense

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