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Forced Order
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Away from paradise towards sunriseVan Fleet
An island in the southern part of FloridaTrevor
Bud of a desert plantHawn
Hair washGrant
A spot of AzureWinters
In the ancient second cityBrady
Artist JacksonHarden
The inadvertant sightseerDavis
12 months of existing perilouslyHunt
88 keysPaquin
Belted by a satteliteDukakis
Butterfly McQueen character's awardHuston
LAX or HeathrowHayes
Homicide on train from Istanbul to Paris'Bergman
Log of an imprisoned Dutch girlWinters
Dozen 12 month periods in forced servitudeN'yongo
A fare to a English colony before 1948Ashcroft
Belli and CosellSteenburgen
Ammunition above the Great White WayWiest
The Miserable onesHathaway
Female cut shortJolie
For the person the cracked symbol of liberty ringsPaxinou
Very important peopleRutherford
The evil and the gorgeousGrahame
Room in the Golden StateSmith
Barbarino is my uncle's offspringTomei
Mr. KormanHull
The fantastic fibAstor
The rim of the tool for shavingBaxter
Freezing peakZellweger
Patriotic fabricRevere
Nothing except the solitary tickerBarrymore
Powerful love goddessSorvino
Classified info about California cityBasinger
Monarch insects are out of jailHeckart
Cardinal, scarlett, and crimsonStapleton
Candy rollLange
Male youthArquette
The fruit of angerDarwell
Actress Franklin and hoop star DrexlerParsons
Miss Clooney's infantGordon
Monarch of the marlin catchersRuehl
The habitual planterWeisz
Night star made of flimsy materialO'Neal
Penned on the breezeMalone

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