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Forced Order
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Don't people fire a gun at thoroughbreds?Young
The Huge nationIves
The unlit medieval hetoLedger
Diann Carroll title TV roleRobards
A captain and a classy maleGossett
Sugary falcon of the youngBegley
Long live Mexican revolutionary EmilioQuinn
Tatum O'NealMills
An oak develops in a New York BoroughDunn
Martin Van Buren's wife and her female siblingsCaine
Part of the eyeBroadbent
A horse drawn conveyance of the old westMitchell
Camelot kingGielgud
Every one of Obama's malesRobards
Bluegrass StateBrennan
Passion for beingQuinn
Adjustment to changing circumstancesCooper
The people they would round up in CasablancaSpacey
Proceed and receive itBrennan
Seemingly impossible feat on a numbered thoroughfareGwenn
Urban raincoatsPalance
Minister Oral or Justice JohnLemmon
Chinese restaurant fareMatthau
The final movieJohnson
baroness without shoesO'Brien
Murderous meadowsNgor
The topic concerned flowersAlbertson
A person running from the lawJones
Roman slave rebellion leaderUstinov
The lowest caste in IndiaConnery
Existing over yonderDouglas
The greater the number the more entertainingCoburn
Noon up aboveJagger
Nippy mitt bible physicianKennedy
Bounty found in a Mexican mountain rangeHuston
What you see at rush hour on the freewayDel Toro
10 hundred circus performersBalsam
A developing butterflyAmeche
A person from the direction of the sunsetBrennan

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