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descriptionBest Picture winneryear
Big inn
Girl of Sunnybrook Farm
You have to leave it here
The equitable dame belongs to me
Best exhibition in the World
A gorgeous brain
Rodeo performer at the Witching hour
Precipitation adult male
Small town
Unsinkable ocean liner
Entertainer Florenz is better than good
God of the boxing arenas:The comeback of an important chess piece
A Large Southern Constellation
Not in the dark continent
he who shoots elk
Span on a estuary in Burma
Birds appendages
Everyday Humans
Heading in my direction
The gone away
shepherding miss clover
Amorous bard
A dozen years in forced servitude
Quietness of baby sheep
The tones of harmony
Not a nation for the geriatric male
Concerning the first lady
descriptionBest Picture winneryear
Everything is silent where the sun sets
Yankee pageant contestant
Henry VIII's oration
The existence of a French writer
The males belonging to the male monarch
Doctor's client from London
Bite from a bee
Away in the gust
Along the shoreline
Mister Glickman
A Male for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
Contestant in Roman circus
Mr Cromwell
Tale from the pacifiic coast
The Flat
World War II general George
A Yank in France's Capital
Revolt on a Britsh ship
Circumnavigating the Earth in fourscore 24 hour periods
Mohandus or Indira
1000 grand infant
Saturday and Sunday cannot be found
The Painter
Welsh singer
descriptionBest Picture winneryear
_______'s Pizza
Roman vehicles aflame
Filled with stones
The viridity of my dale
Expressions of affection
It soared above a clock bird's home
The Second City
Greatest 12 month periods of our existence
The Sore Storage Cabinet
Miss Sullivan corridor
An occurance after sunset
Waltzes with wild canines
Son of a Jewish royal prince
The final ruler
Olivier from the Islamic world
Militaty division
A city in Morocco
Song of the Great White Way
Males in accord
The Parisian link
Nickname of onetime prisoner in Alcatraz
During high temperatures while people sleep
From this place to forever

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