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Forced Order
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cluemoviewinning director
Saturday and Sunday have gone astrayWilder
God's home numbered with the number of perfectionBorsage
The quiet of the baby sheepDemme
Bond in GaulFriedkin
Corridor for Miss SullivanAllen
Seeker of VenisenCimino
Painter, sculptor, or musicianHazanavicious
One or two bedroom rentalWilder
Force that keeps us on earthCuaron
Cars on the freeway during rush hourSoderbergh
It has to stay here when you leaveCapra
Rescuing Tatum's dad while he is a low ranked enlisted soldierSpielberg
Concerning the day before Mankiewicz
Occidental taleRobbins/Wise
Man who sponsors a child at baptism(2)Coppola
Rich infantEastwood
Span over an estuary in MyanmarLean
San Francisco athleteStevens
Restaurant providing food, drink, and entertainmentFosse
Impartial dame belongs to meCukor
Procession of persons riding on horsebackLloyd
Fracturedspine peakLee
cluemoviewinning director
Longfellow travels to the cityCapra
The Godlike womanLloyd
Well planned operation to entrap criminalsHill
Disappeared in the breezeFleming
A male for all times of yearZinneman
Naughty LassBorsage
Nee on Independence DayStone
Departing in my mannerMcCarey
A brand of Peanut ButterTaurag
Oration by Israel's DavidHooper
Mr HardyReed
Undistinguished humansRedford
The ExitedScorcese
12 am rancherSchlesinger
How verdant is my depression between uplandsFord
All is silent at the fore towards the sunsetMilestone
Larry from the Muslim worldLean
Auditory effect of Rock and RollWise
Something soared above the bird's homeForman
The silent maleFord
Former Packer Jerry against Former Viking TommyBenton
cluemoviewinning director
The performer on 88 keysPolanski
Excellent brainHoward
The TattletaleFord
Vine fruit of angerFord
Valuables of the Mexican mountain rangeHuston
Site of a wartime conference between Churchill and RooseveltCurtiz
The terrible factsMcCary
The most desirable 365 days of our animate existencesWyler
Not a nation for aging malesCoen
An occurance after darkCapra
Male harmonyKazan
3.14 between birth and deathLee
A location in Earth's starStevens
A pair of gladiators from the Near EastMilestone
Cincinnati or Soviet athletesBeatty
From this place to foreverZinneman
Nickname for Ford's Vice PresidentAvildsen
Injured school storage areaBigelow
Along the HarbourKazan
An epistle to a trio of female spousesMankiewicz
Former Cardinal Shortstop MarionMann

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