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Forced Order
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Arriving at the houseVoight
Mesas apart Niven
German Prison Camp numbered with the 7th prime numberHolden
Flowers of the meadowPoitier
British PM BenjaminArliss
Leonard or RobinsonFoxx
George VI and meBrynner
My liberal leaning lower extremityLewis
Non school days are misplacedMilland
Truman and the Lone Rangers sidekickCarney
On a small lake filled with AUFonda
Twin existenceColeman
The secret existence of a much married English kingLaughton
The adios lassDreyfus
year round maleScofield
It can't become any betterNicholson
By the docksBrando
Retraction of richesIrons
24 hour period for teachingWashington
It occured in the PMGable
My just dameHarrison
Final orderJannings
Buss of the black widow ladyHurt
A spirit that is out of jailBarrymore
Drink that comes from cowsPenn
To slay a black birdPeck
Greatest 365 days of our existanceMarch
Factual dustWayne
Insane pulmanary organBridges
Prince of DenmarkOlivier
Juan Carlos' oratoryFirth
Stand guard on a river in GermanyLukas
The RatMcLaughlin
the Monarch of the dark continentBogart
Lad's villageTracy
The final monarch in EdinburghWhitaker
Every one of the Chess Pieces malesCrawford
The tale of a French scientistMuni
Delicate gracesDuvall
Heading to my destinationCrosby
In the ancient Grand Canyon StateBaxter
Odor of a ladyPacino
Berlin divider avenueDouglas
Hue of currencyNewman
Cryptic streamPenn
Trial in German citySchell
City of brotherly loveHanks
Exiting a Nevada cityCage
Existence is gorgeousBenigni
Capital of NebraskaLewis
World War 1 military heroCooper
Midday up towards the skyCooper
Rescue the big catLemmon
A tale in the city founded by William PennStewart
Angry toroDeNiro

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