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Can you name the Spencer Tracy films from their short description?

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Spencer is a pharmacist1932
Spencer saves a bunch of troubled lads1938
Spencer is a convict1930
Spencer is a sign painter1933
Spencer seeks to recover victims of a crash1956
Spencer is a motorcycle cop1932
Spencer runs for Mayor1958
Spencer is a small town judge1947
Spencer tracks down kidnappers1933
Spencer is a freeloader1941
Spencer raids a copper mine1954
Spencer as a railroad exec1933
Spencer is a war correspondent1942
Spencer as a fast buck promoter1934
Spencer solves homicides1935
Spencer works for the phone company1934
Spencer saves a fishing boat1935
Spencer is an editor of a newspaper1936
Spencer lights up New York1940
Spencer is an alcoholic attorney1951
Spencer is an indian hunter1940
Spencer is a stranger in town1955
Spencer prevents a suicide19*40
Spencer objects to his daughter's chosen career1952
Spencer gets booted out of the Navy1933
Spencer runs for President1948
Spencer catches a fish1958
Spencer and an earthquake1936
Spencer in solitary confinement1933
Spencer is a refugee from the slums1937
Spencer seeks a fortune in oil1940
Spencer is a greedy concessionaire1935
Spencer marries sans amour1945
Spencer promotes a female athlete1952
Spencer tends to south sea natives1962
Spencer plans a wedding for his daughter1950
Spencer defends an evolution teacher1960
Spencer saves the Panama Canal1934
Spencer is devoted to his child1949
Spencer eludes the Gestapo1944
Spencer saves a boy from drowning1937
Spencer is an airline mechanic1938
Spencer is a truck driver1931
Spencer is addicted to gambling1934
Spencer helps smuggle rubber out of Japanese territory1949
Spencer's daughter wants to get married1967
Spencer tattoos girls1931
Spencer marries a liberated lady1942
Spencer has an alter ego1941
Spencer travels to the New World19*52
Spencer sleeps in Hooverville1933
Spencer goes undercover with jewel thieves1936
Spencer meets a socialite1935
Spencer is a cop on the waterfront1932
Spencer blows up a munitions dump1932
Spencer is arrested for kidnapping1936
Spencer is a rabble rousing cabbie1937
Spencer still thinks there is no such thing as a bad boy1941
Spencer sells an expensive car1931
Spencer battles his wife in court1949
Spencer holds trials of Nazis1961
Spencer manages a boxer1932
Spencer searches for a doctor1939
Spencer is a bomber pilot1944
Spencer is a cattle baron1947
Spencer bombs Japan1944
Spencer is an efficiency expert1957
Spencer and a big W1963
Spencer is a grandfather1951

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