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Jimmy is involved in a murder mystery1936
JImmy inherits a brothel1970
Jimmy gives up a promotion for love1939
Jimmy scouts for a wagon train1952
Jimmy is a baseball player with an amputated leg.1949
Jimmy discovers who is selling guns to the Apaches1955
Jimmy sings 'You'd be so easy to love'1936
Jimmy crashes a wedding1940
Jimmy's plane is down in the Sahara1965
Jimmy refuses to support the Confederacy1965
Jimmy flees the Nazis1940
Jimmy and a rifle1950
Jimmy's son is kidnapped1956
Jimmy seeks the perfect polling community1947
Jimmy is a clerical worker's beau1936
Jimmy seeks a bounty on an alleged killer1953
Jimmy marries a mobster's ex1937
Jimmy loves a showgirl1941
Jimmy is a soldier killed in battle1938
Jimmy finds out the effect of a baby on people's lives1948
Jimmy defends a homicide suspect1959
Jimmy is an ambitious newsman in love1936
Jimmy marries an illegal immigrant1941
Jimmy has acrophobia1958
Jimmy discovers his students have committed murder1948
Jimmy is a deputy sheriff1939
Jimmy and a big rabbit1950
Jimmy tests cars1936
Jimmy produces a show on a frozen surface1939
Jimmy is a successful playwright1940
Jimmy is a prospective suitor1936
Jimmy goes to a beach house1962
Jimmy is a band leader1953
Jimmy falls in love with a nightclub singer1938
Jimmy flies the Atlantic1957
Jimmy thinks he witnesses a murder1954
Jimmy goes to the Prairie1962
Jimmy invents a semi automatic rifle1952
Jimmy takes on a political machine1939
Jimmy is a clown1952
Jimmy as a g-man1959
Jimmy flees the police1939
Jimmy finds lawlessness in the Klondike1954
JImmy in the air force1955
Jimmy wants to fight John C, Calhoun1936
Jimmy's girlfriend is from an eccentric family1938
Jimmy thinks it would be better if he was never born1946
JImmy guns down an outlaw1962
Jimmy befriends Cochise1950
Jimmy proves a convicted murderer innocent1948
Jimmy is a reporter on a murder case1935
Jimmy has a secret romance with a coworker1940
Jimmy falls in love with a witch1958
Jimmy gives out money on radio1941
Jimmy clashes with his preacher dad1938
Jimmy kills a mountie1936
Jimmy rescues a girl from the police1937

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