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Forced Order
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Theodore Green,Nelson Aldrich
Patsy Mink,Hiram Fong
William Egan,Bob Bartlett
Matthew Neeley, Harley Staggers
Karl Mundt, Tom Daschle
Thad Stevens,Boies Penrose
Reed Smoot, Frank Moss
Abraham Ribicoff,Morgan Bulkeley
Thomas Walsh,Jeanette Rankin
Steven Douglas, Joe Cannon
Henry Jackson, Tom Foley
Augustus Hawkins,Leland Stanford
Park Trammell, Claude Pepper
Styles Bridges, Sherman Adams
Bob Lafollette, John Spooner
Ellison Smith, Ernest Hollings
Thomas Reed, James Blaine
John Garner,John Tower
Nicholas Longworth, James Cox
Guy Gillette,William Allison
Joe Robinson,Wilbur Mills
Thomas Marshall,Lee Hamilton
Charles Sumner, Joe Martin
Edwin Edwards, Hale Boggs
Alben Barkeley, Albert Chandler
Walter George, EugeneTalmadge
William Borah,Frank Church
Al Smith, William Seward
Charles McNary, Mark Hatfield
Robert Kerr, Henry Bellmon
Champ Clark, Richard Gephart
George Wallace,William Bankhead
Charles Curtis,Alf Landon
Fred Hartley, Peter Rodino
Harry Byrd, Carter Glass
Cordell Hull,Estes Kefauver
Arthur Vandenburg, Lewis Cass
Sam Ervin, Terry Sanford
Frank Mondell,Richard Chaney
Harold Stassen,Jesse Ventura
Thomas Bayard, Cesar Rodney
Carl Hayden,Ernest McFarland
George Norris, William Bryan
Thomas D'Ellasandro,Charles Mathias
Paul Laxalt, Pat McCarren
Alvin Adams,Edward Teller
George Aiken,James Jeffords
Dennis Chavez, Clinton Anderson
Theodore Bilbo,Jefferson Davis
William Langer, Quentin Burdick

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