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Kate and fiancee deal with family psychiatric problems.1932
Kate tries to get into show business1933
Kate is a strong willed aviatrix1932
Kate as a budding author with 3 sisters1933
Kate is a noblewoman dressed as a gypsy and falls in love with title character1934
Kate tries to move up in the world1935
Kate dresses up as a boy1935
Kate as monarch having to deal with rival neighboring monarch1936
Kate is a would be actress living in a boarding house1937
Kate, a scientist, and a cat1938
Kate's second marriage is crashed by her ex-husband.1940
Kate is an emancipated woman married to a sportswriter1942
Kate is a widow of a fascist1942
Kate entertains troops1943
Kate stands up to the invading Japanese1944
Kate marries a research scientist to help the war effort1945
Kate moves to New Mexico to marry a rancher1947
Kate's husband runs for President1948
Kate and her husband on different sides in a court case1949
Kate as a missionary on a boat1951
Kate is a multitalented athlete1952
Kate on vacation in Venice1955
Kate falls in love with a man who claims he can change the weather1956
Kate thinks her job is being taken over by a computer1957
Kate defects to the West1956
Kate's daughter is a lobotomy candidate1959
Kate is matriarch of a family troubled by alcohol and drugs1962
Kate's daughter wants to get married1967
Kate is Queen of England1968
Kate is Queen of Troy1971
Kate entertains unexpected guests1973
Kate hires a marshall to find her father's killer1975
Kate wants to take a balloon ride1978
Kate takes care of aging husband and young step grandson1981
Kate hires a hit man to kill her1984

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