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Actors and actressesmovieyear
Sharif, Guinness1962
Spacey, Bening1999
Wynard, Brook1933
Monroe, Sanders1950
Tandy, Aykroyd1989
Crowe, Phoenix2000
Saint, Malden1954
Allen, Keaton1977
Holden, Hayakawa1957
DiCaprio, Damon2006
Streep, Henry1979
Kingsley, Sheen1982
Bullock, Dillan2005
Gable, Colbert1934
Schofield, Welles1966
Redford, Hutton1980
Howard, Mitchell, DeHaviland1939
Voigt, Vaccaro1969
Hoffman, Cruise1988
Olivier, Simmons1948
Crowe, Harris2001
Hanks, Field1994
Chevalier, Jourdan1958
Brando, Pacino1972
Newman, Redford1973
DeNiro, Streep1978
Renner, Mackie2009
Lancaster, Sinatra1953
Actors and actressesmovieyear
Jones, Brolin2007
Lester, Wild1968
Ayres, Woldheim1930
Miland, Wyman1945
Winslet, Bates1997
King, Love1928
Sheen, Baringer1986
Kingsley, Neeson1993
Nicholson, Fletcher1975
Laughton, Tone1935
Boyd, Griffith1959
Heston, Stewart1952
Andrews, Plummer1965
Crosby, Fitzgerald1944
Costner, Greene1990
Cantinflas, Maclaine1956
Finney, York1963
Kelly, Caron1951
Dix, Dunne1931
Hepburn, Holloway1964
Bow, Cooper1927
Barrymore, Stewart, Arnold1938
Hackman, Rey1971
Hopkins, Levine1991
Abraham, Hulce1984
Poitier, Steiger1967
Maclaine, Lithgow1983
Bergman, Lorre1943
Actors and actressesmovieyear
Crisp, McDowell1941
Wright, Pidgeon1942
Lone, O'Toole1987
Olivier, Anderson1940
Paltrow, Rush1998
Wood, Beymer1961
Fiennes, Thomas1996
Patel, Pinto2008
Swank, Freeman2004
Borgnine, Blair1955
Hackman, Freeman1992
Mortensen, Wood2003
March, Russell1946
Peck, Garfield1947
Mcmurray, Maclaine1960
Shire, Meredith1976
Pacino, Keaton1974
Crawford, McCambridge1949
Barrymore, Barrymore, Beery1932
Scott, Malden1970
Powell, Loy1936
Gibson, Marceau1995
Redford, Streep1985
Holm, Gielgud1981

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