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Today, I tried to talk to the guy I like, but when I'm around him, it's like I'm invisible. FML
Today, I tore off a man's arm. I would have reattached it myself, but I chickened out. FML
Today, my wife talked her mouth off. Actually, Lotso took it. FML
Today, I met my childhood hero and he tried to kill me. FML
Today, I was finally able to open my traveling circus, but I was burned in the deal. FML
Today, my boss fired me (and exiled me to Nepal where I nearly froze to death). FML
Today, I... forgot. FML
Today, I died. Rats. FML
Today, I lost my sheep and can't tell where to find them. FML
Today, my mutinous autopilot lost his greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. FML
Today, this girl who drives me nuts hooked me up with another girl - 'Bessie'. FML
Today, I couldn't find my cool super suit. My wife's reaction was ice-cold. FML
Today, the food I ordered wasn't ready after a whole season of preparation. Now I'm hopping mad. FML
Today, on the search for my son, I was nearly eaten. I knew something was fishy when he told me he was a vegetarian. FML
Today, I found out I'm a child's play thing. FML

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