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I'm just high when they hatin' on me, people tend to think all the drinks on me.K.I.D.S.
You loved me more than I've been loved before, and thats the type of thing everyone ignores.K.I.D.S.
My man billy hit me up, he got some weed he bringin through, tell him better be that good and grab a pack of swishers too.The High Life
It aint about the vanity, its bout what's important, the reason I was 6 years old rockin' some jordans.Best Day Ever
There's different ways to shine, Ima find my own, know when i dissapear ima find my way back home cause...Best Day Ever
Wake up in my king sized bed, girls all around me, eyes all red, it feels nice to wake up to a naked bitch.The High Life
Pockets stay equipped with some paper and some gold piff pack of gum squares blackberry and a phone clipN/A
Hear we droppin bombs on these records call it D dayN/A
And I dont take pity on them silly little hoes, milly be nilly but this is really how it goes, mouth my words dont say ****, shhh shut up bitch and ride this dickK.I.D.S.

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