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Definition/descriptionWeather word
The luminous, radiant emission from the upper atmosphere over middle and high latitudes, and centred around the earth's magnetic poles.
The prevalent or characteristic meteorological conditions, and their extremes, of any place or region.
A small-scale column of air that rapidly sinks toward the ground, usually accompanied by precipitation as in a shower or thunderstorm.
An extensive ocean warming that begins along the coast of Peru and Ecuador and extends along the equator.
A scale of wind damage intensity in which wind speeds are inferred from an analysis of wind damage.
The name applied to the process which causes the surface of the earth to be warmer than it would have been in the absence of an atmosphere because it receives energy from two sourc
Relatively strong winds concentrated in a narrow stream in the atmosphere, normally referring to horizontal, high-altitude winds.
An instrument used to measure air pressure.
An elongated area of low atmospheric pressure associated with the jet stream.
In the Northern Hemisphere, a closed counter-clockwise movement of air-known as a circulation - around a low pressure centre; usually called a low.
Definition/descriptionWeather word
The temperature air must be cooled to in order for saturation to occur.
A boundary or transition zone between two air masses of different density, and thus (usually) of different temperature.
Water vapour which deposits directly as a solid on a surface colder than the surrounding air and which has a temperature below freezing.
A measure of the water vapor content of the air.
A strong localized downdraft less than 4 km wide that occurs beneath thunderstorms.
A complex frontal system that ideally forms when a cold front overtakes a warm front.
A pungent-smelling, slightly bluish gas which is a close chemical cousin to molecular oxygen.
A solid or nearly solid line or band of active thunderstorms.
A violent funnel-shaped wind vortex in the lower atmosphere with upward spiralling winds of high speeds - spawned by severe thunderstorms
A visible cluster of tiny water and/or ice particles in the atmosphere.

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