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QUIZ: Can you name the Boondock Saints Trivia?

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What tattoo does Connor have on his hand?
What tattoo does Murphy have on his hand?
What did Rocco say on the phone before he went into the bar/restaurant?
What crime family does Rocco work for?
How many Russians did the brothers kill in the hotel room?
What type of Bagel does Agent Smecker want?
What famous porn star appears in the movie?
What is Il Duce's relation to the brothers?
What floor do Connor and Murphy live on?
What is the name of the cat?
What is the name of Doc's bar?
'Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter' is writen on the door at what crime scene?
What character has the same name as the actor who plays him?
What special item does Connor take from the ammunition dealer?
What special item does Murphy take from the ammunition dealer?

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