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King Akhenaten worshipped a new god. What was the name of this god?
Who was the god of the moon?
What was the color of the crown of Upper Egypt?
Which organ(s) was contained in the canopic jar of Qebehsenuef?
What was the name of the game that is similar to backgammon?
Which king had the Great Sphinx built?
How many pairs of thong sandals were found in King Tut's tomb?
What was the symbol of life in Ancient Egypt?
Who had the temple at Abu Simbel built?
The royal cobra is also known as what?
During which dynasty did Tutankhamen rule?
The Rosetta Stone was found in what year?
The temple of Horus was located in which city?
Was the pyramid at Saqqara a step pyramid or bent pyramid?
Was the hieroglyphic symbol for letter 'D' a donkey or a hand?
How high is Khufu's Great Pyramid?
When was the tomb of Tutankhamen discovered?
Who was the Egyptian cow god/goddess?

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