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Can you name the harry potter facts?

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What school does Dudley go to?
What creatures feed on positive human emotions?
Who did harry see across the lake?
How did Harry Ron and Hermione get out of gringots
What substance does a remembrall appear to be full of ?
Who is the hogwarts school librarian?
What birthday does Harry celebrate in the second book?
Where in England do Nicolas and his wife live?
Which defence agents the dark arts teacher is an auror?
The sorting hat says that if you have a ready mind then you belong in which house?
What is the emblem of the Gryffindor house?
What kind of animal does Sirius Black change into?
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts?
What is the 3rd Harry Potter book called?
What is Aragog's wifes name?
Which house was Cedric Diggory in?
Who notices Harry's scar first?
What do ghosts do on their death days?
Which defence against the dark arts teacher was a follower of Voldemort?
Who switched the sword of Gryffindor?
How many types of foul are there in the rules of Quidditch?
Who did Harry turn into when he used the polyjuice potion?
Who is the Ravenclaw house ghost?
Who betrayed Harry's parents?
Who was the first to think that Harry would be a good Quidditch seeker?
How many points is the Golden Snitch worth in Quidditch?
What animal can Rita Seeker turn in to?
Where does Harry Potter live?
What is the name of aunt Marge's dog?
How many goal posts are there on a Quidditch pitch?

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