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Can you name the lowest paying jobs for each letter of the alphabet?

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LetterJobThey will...
Astart your ride at Disney World
Bhelp you drown your sorrows
Cring you up at Wal-Mart
Drinse off those dirty plates
Eget rid of those bushy eyebrows for you
Fflip and fry your burger at McDonald's
Gmow your lawn
Hfind you a table at the Olive Garden
Iask your opinion while you're walking through the mall
Jsweep and mop the floor
Ktype info into a spreadsheet
Lwork (just think of another word for 'work')
Mmake your bed and bring you towels
LetterJobThey will...
Nwatch your kids
Odo copying, sorting, filing and other general duties
Phelp care for that elderly parent of yours
Qmake sure the stuff you buy is non-defective
Ranswer the phone and schedule your appointments
Sput stuff on the shelves at your local grocery store
Tcall you during dinner to offer you a great deal on a magazine subscription
Ufind you a seat for the new Hunger Games movie
Vhelp keep your pet healthy
Wbring you more breadsticks and refill your iced tea
Xtake pictures of that fractured rib
Yhelp you with the lotus position
Ztrack down that escaped gorilla

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