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Can you name the 50 Top Grossing Films in which an SNL Cast Member Appeared?

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GrossMovieSNL Cast Member
$533,345,358Anthony Michael Hall
$441,226,247Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy
$415,004,880Joan Cusack, Laurie Metcalf
$329,694,499Siobhan Fallon
$322,719,944Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy
$318,412,101Robert Downey Jr.
$312,433,331Robert Downey Jr.
$306,169,268Randy Quaid
$293,004,164Laraine Newman
$279,261,160Ben Stiller
$267,665,001Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy
$260,044,825Molly Shannon
$255,873,250Billy Crystal
$251,513,985Kristen Wiig
$250,863,268Ben Stiller
$250,690,539Siobhan Fallon
$245,852,179Joan Cusack, Laurie Metcalf
GrossMovieSNL Cast Member
$244,082,982Billy Crystal, Laraine Newman
$242,829,261Nora Dunn
$238,736,787Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy
$238,632,124Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd
$234,760,478Eddie Murphy
$223,808,164Laraine Newman
$219,614,612Amy Poehler
$217,581,231Kristen Wiig
$217,350,219Gilbert Gottfried
$215,434,591Laura Kightlinger
$213,307,889Mike Myers
$209,255,921Will Ferrell
$209,028,679Robert Downey Jr.
$206,445,654Jeaneane Garofalo
$206,040,086Mike Myers, Will Ferrell
$201,578,182Ellen Cleghorn
$200,821,936Laraine Newman
GrossMovieSNL Cast Member
$198,542,554Dan Aykroyd
$198,351,526Amy Poehler
$196,573,705Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig
$195,330,621Laraine Newman
$193,595,521Ben Stiller, Chris Rock
$191,796,233Laurie Metcalf
$184,208,848Charles Rocket
$182,811,707Ana Gasteyer
$181,410,615Cheri Oteri
$180,010,950Ben Stiller, Chris Rock
$179,870,271Dan Aykroyd
$177,243,721Ben Stiller
$177,200,000Bill Murray
$176,484,651Ben Stiller
$176,387,405Denny Dillon
$173,585,516Rob Schneider

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