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Warped LyricsSongArtist
Instruct me how to DouglasCalifornia Confidence Region
Halt! The minute of hammer is nigh!Emcee Nail Driver
The photoreceptic organ of a large cat Endurer
You would be absolutely astounded if right before your double visual orbs if 10,000,000 fluorescent insects flew around your sleeping body (Because they would be shut)Metropolis for Birds
The personification of a movie theater could be seen as youBernard Benassi
That small, attractive female is like the opposite of a harmony in my skullIyaz
My basketball skills are fantastic, my watch is no longer operationalThe Tenth and Final Letters
I'm the only child without cool shoes...Nurture the Population
Regardless of the fact that I will one day meet a person similar to you...A Rival of Apple
What you are yet to comprehend is that I would catch an M67 Fragmentatory device or be beheaded via guillotine for your lovePeter Gene Hernandez
They understand, they comprehend, they have knowledgeMale Duck
Warped LyricsSongArtist
At the time when that woman was a child, she regarded the possibility of possessing a planet to be greatFrigidtheatershow
24/7, i'm constantly randomizing a deck of cardsGiggling My Derrière Away
What inhibits you from recognizing that it would be optimal if you dated myself?!A Speedy Seamstress
We enjoy spending time at the Young Men's Christian AssociationTribal Individuals
Hello Judith, please refrain from creating the situation worse than it currently isPlural Beatle
That woman waxes so often that it reminds me of that old asian man in the John G. Avildsen movie starring Ralph Macchio and Pat MoritaChristopher Yellow
I fling my limbs above, into the oxygen on occasion, saying hey, oh, I need to relax.Taio Pleasure Sailing
If you are presented with conundrums involving the fairer sex, my condolences. I have four-score and nineteen conundrums; a trollop is not among them.Shawn Corey Carter
Aperitifs! Aperitifs! Aperitifs! Aperitifs! (All inclusively!)Laughing Uncontrollably
Frozen Water, Frozen Water, INFANTS!Robert Matthew Van Winkle

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