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she was married to T-Dogdied season 1/ Ricks group
he was a dr. at the cdcdied season 1/ no group really
he is married to lori and child is carlstill alive/ Ricks group
she had a boyfriend (Jimmy was his name)still alive/ Ricks group
she was married to rickdied season 3/ Ricks group
both her daughter and husband diedstill alive/ Ricks group
he was the girlfriend of bethdied season 2/ Rick/Hershels group
he was married to carol died season 1/ Ricks group
we saw her when she came out of the barndied season 2/ Ricks group
sacrificed his life for caroldied season 3/ Ricks group
was handcuffed to the top of a buildingstill alive/ The Governors group
her sister died in the 1st seasonstill alive/ Ricks/ The Governors group
she really likes Glennstill alive/ Ricks group
he really likes maggiestill alive/ Ricks group
has 2 daughters and wife (Annette was her name died)still alive/ Ricks group
they were only in the 1st season and we havent heard what happened to them???? (nobody knows)
very brave and he is only 10still alive/ Ricks group
has an awesome katanastill alive/ Ricks group
very nice and had to go pee before she dieddied season 1/ Ricks group
had to be left behind cuz he got scratcheddied season 1/ Ricks group
was a good friend to ricks(for a while)died season 2/ Ricks group
broke the legs of chickensdied season 2/ Rick/Hershels group
his group came through the prison because of a busted out wallstill alive/ Tyresses group
kept an aquriam of walker headsstill alive/ The Governers group
terrible shot tried to teach andrea but she is not good aimdied season 3/ The Governers group
very tough never gives up badassstill alive/ Ricks group
Old wise mandied season 2/ Ricks group
shot carl in stomachdied season 2/ Hershels group
was just born by Loristill alive/ Ricks group
nurse at woodburystill alive/ The governors group
one of the prisinors thought carol was a lesbianstill alive/ Ricks group
one of the prisinors crossed Rick and got a machete to the headdied season 3/ The prisinors
one of the prisinors made an alarm go off that killed T-Dog and Loridied season 3/ The prisinors
one of the prisinors saved Glenn before he got shot died season 3/ Ricks group
a scientist at woodburystill alive/ The Governors group
got his neck snapped by shanedied season 2/ (i dont know his groups name
tyreeses sisterstill alive/ Tyreeses group

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