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Can you name the Eddie Murphy movies by the two blurbs that pan his movie?

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Forced Order
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Blurb 1MovieBlurb 2
This lame, wannabe comedy is an unmitigated disaster. Not the least bit funny or touching, and it all goes down about as smoothly as cyanide laced with rusted nails.
If there's no limit to your love of fat jokes, this is the movie for you. Another fat suit for Murphy, another bad movie.
How on earth, or anywhere else, did director Ron Underwood manage to blow $100 million on this? As much of a good idea as (title) might have been, it's execution is far less engaging.
TV classic remade as a forgettable buddy movie. Credit to Murphy and Wilson for making the most of it, but for Thomas it's a case of must spy harder.
Bodily function humor galore marks Murphy sequel. So thick with bad gas, it sours the show.
Who is supposed to be excited by this? What child would care? What adult would care? Time for (title) to stay far, far away.
More Disneyland ride than movie, short on plot and long on dazzling visuals for the kiddies. Go on the Disney ride instead. It's over sooner.
Even for a high-concept, lowbrow summer release (title) is drab, shoddy work. There's a scene where [Eddie Murphy] poops coins out of his butt. If that's funny to you, you'll like this film.
A film so wrong-headed audiences will be more appalled than amused.Murphy is so oddly bland in (title) that it seems like he sleepwalked through the making of the film
It's quite funny for the first thirty minutes, but after that it's kind of like beating a dead horse. A dead talking horse. Here is a film that inappropriately exercises bathroom humor to the point where you'd never find it funny again.
Blurb 1MovieBlurb 2
Murphy's goofy, bug-eyed hysterics seem played out and overly familiar.The poor little girl's imaginary friends are so boring that they give stock tips.
As I try to think back to (title) and type up a review, I'm getting a headache.(Title) is closer to slowtime.
Color-by-numbers sequel that copies the action while forgetting the comedy. A sequel in the worst sense.
A witless, sexist, offensive mishmash that is surprisingly inept, considering all the high-power talent involved.Silly. Simple. Eddie was better than this.
How could these two guys NOT be funny? See the movie and find out.Murphy and Lawrence never quite move beyond shtick.
Does it matter to Eddie Murphy whether (title) is good or bad? It doesn't look like it. It's narcissistic, misogynistic and extremely mean-spirited.
Oh, Wes, what did we all do to deserve this? Is it comedy? Is it horror? Uneven film that never lives up to its potential as either.
Time to go back and stay on the East coast. The original is great, the sequel entertaining, the third one absolutely unnecessary.
(Title) isn't a movie. It's bumper cars. Diverting but conventional thriller.
Leaves you wondering whether there really is a God. It's always watchable, sometimes enjoyable, never special.

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