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Can you name the Brad Pitt films with only an eight word description?

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An unlikely team track down a stolen diamond.
A man made virus wipes out the future.
A team is made on a thin budget.
Two minister's sons grow up in rural Montana.
An Austrian mountain climber befriends the Dalai Lama.
A man looks for a cure, finds love.
United Nations employee tries to stop zombie apocalypse.
A supervillain defeats his enemy; has no purpose.
A man and twelve friends rob simultaneously again.
A man and thirteen friends rob simultaneously again.
A waitress and a housewife shoot a criminal.
Two detectives hunt a killer using the sins.
A club is formed and there's seven rules.
A man transports a cursed gun; girlfriend disagrees.
The local criminal economy collapses thanks to Jackie.
A man ages backwards; bizarre consequences start occuring.
A man and eleven friends rob casinos simultaneously.
An assassin couple try to kill each other.

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