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Can you name the Supernatural Villians from the show Supernatural?

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Kills unfaithful men
Drains it's victims blood while inducing a dreamlike state
Tibetan thought form
Known for there love of 'longpig' these start as humans until hunger takes over
Goblin that abducts naughty children
Went by the name H. H. Holmes and is famous for his murder castle
Do to a head trauma this man is unable to dream but he soon finds his own way
Good old yellow eyes too bad it took till after he died to know his real name
A demon that sleeps in filth and can take any form
Shadow demon
Hint Answer
Crowley has a mean one of these I bet Deans not happy
The angel with a plan even if it is ending the world
Hindu goddess of time and change
A mischievous Pagan god who protected a forest in the Balkans and can take on many forms
Can control demons with their mind
A demonic parasite that snatches kids from their homes and then assumes their form
He met his end in the sweet embrace of barbed wire and fangs
Ho Ho no this man isn't looking to spread holiday cheer but he does want more than cookies
She looked like such an innocent girl till she snapped grandpas neck

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